What is Bitcoin Segwit2X?

How to get B2X (Bitcoin2x)?

When will the hardfork be implemented and the network be launched?

How much Bitcoin Segwit2X [B2X] will I get after the hardfork?

Will Bitcoin Segwit2X [B2X] be implemented?

What is the consensus algorithm?

On which block will the chain be divided?

What is the advantage of B2X?

What equipment can be used for mining?

On which exchanges will B2X trade?

When will B2X wallets be available?

Where can I see the open source of the wallet?

What does it mean "all owners of the BTC will receive not only B2X in the ratio of 1 to 1, but also the proportional amount of Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoins as a reward for their commitment to the progress"?

What is the amount of your pre-mining?

Is it your ticker being traded on the bitfinex.com exchange?

How will the coins be accrued?

Where can I see your open source code?

What services support B2X?