News and SegWit2X Protect Coin Holders from Fraud was among the first to support the Bitcoin SegWit2X fork and immediately set up B2X coin mining.

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Life After SegWit2X Fork

‘A moment of choice is a moment of truth’… Dear miners and friends, all who supported Bitcoin SegWit2X fork from the beginning. We are grateful to have you on our side, helping all of us get back to basics when it comes to complete decentralization in the cryptoassets generation. That was the idea of Mr. Nakomoto when he introduced Bitcoin to the world: give everyone an opportunity to earn autonomously.

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B2X is Accepted for Exchange Operations on ChangeNOW

The platform is among many new partners that supported the fork and would like to provide the purchase/sale of our coin. ChangeNOW is an anonymous and limitless exchanger offering the lowest commission among the similar platforms.

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SegWit2X Announces Bounty Campaigns With $120K Global Prize Fund

Dear supporters and followers of SegWit2X and B2X coin, we have amazing news for you. SegWit2X team is launching a number of bounty campaigns

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Segwit2X Marketing Plans

Segwit2x keeps moving towards development and improvement. To help you solve everyday problems and needs and give you the opportunity of using a reliable means of payment, make instant transactions and be confident in the absolute security of Segwit2x, we plan to implement the following technologies and solutions into the project:

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SegWit2X Bitcoin Warns Against Cheating

Dear friends, supporter, and investors, make sure that you always use the official SegWit2X Bitcoin channels of communication on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Medium.

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Segwit2x Launches Node for Indian Bitcoin Community!

The Segwit2X team is pleased to announce that the project is going to provide a node to Indian miners.

  • 210568 has launched B2X input/output is the exchange platform to support the SegWit2X fork among the first. The platform provided a full input and output of B2X funds for all traders since today. Enjoy trading!

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New SegWit2X Partner Pool is Ready to Welcome First Miners

Dear friends and supporters, we are happy to announce that the testing of another SegWit2X partner pool

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VVPool, F2Pool Partner Introduces B2X for Mining

As you may already know, SegWit2X created its own pool and we have announced it in one of our previous news posts. In order to popularize the fork and let the larger scale audience get the access to B2X mining, we are actively negotiating with mining pools worldwide.

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