News – Singapore Digital Asset Exchange Supports B2X is a recently established digital currency exchange (December 17, 2017) and it is actively inviting newly launched cryptocurrencies for trade. The platform is founded by professional digital assets lovers and top domestic technical teams.

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Segwit2X: Plans According to Roadmap

A few days before 2018 we successfully solved one of the most important tasks of the project - we launched the fork Segwit2X. In the new year we are heading for its improvement and plan to introduce the following technologies in the near future

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SegWit2X Bitcoin Introduces Support Channels

Dear friends, supporters, and investors, we are happy to let you know that from now on it’s possible to get support from SegWit2X Bitcoin team through the ticket system, which is introduced to our website as well as with the help of time-honored email: [email protected]

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SegWit2X Bitcoin Launched Explorer

The history of blocks after the SegWit2X Bitcoin fork is the same and it’s similar to the Bitcoin one. The Explorer launched will provide the data concerning the amount of the emission, the block example and the information stored there.

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Paxful, Among the First Platforms to Start Trading B2X

B2X is the new cryptocurrency that originated as the result of the SegWit2X Bitcoin hard fork. The fork has been widely discussed in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency circles and the freshly mint coin is getting more recognition. Getting B2X is becoming easier.

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New Bitcoin Fork Segwit2x Supports the Lightning Network

After the launch of the new Segwit2x fork, some changes will be made in the Bitcoin network, in particular, the implementation of the Lightning Network routed bidirectional payment channels.

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The Offline Codes To Be Available in SegWit2X

The new SegWit2X fork will provide a unique opportunity to use offline codes, which will greatly simplify the implementation of transactions for all users.

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The Official Segwit2X Mining Pool Created

A lot of miners supported Segwit2X fork, and now a lot of pools have been formed. Since we can’t guarantee the reliability of these pools, we organized the official Segwit2x mining pool.

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Happy New Year from Segwit2X team!

Dear friends! The Segwit2X team expresses sincere gratitude and wishes you a Happy New Year! Thank you for your faith and extensive support the project has achieved! On December 20, 2017 the sales of Segwit2X futures started, and by the end of the month there was a record increase in prices for B2X. Just a few days ago, a successful launch of the fork took place, and the owners of Bitcoin received pleasant bonuses to the New Year — the coins of Satoshi.

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Blockchain Technologies Gaining Steam in Russia

Blockchain enthusiasts know that Russia isn’t the most welcoming country for cryptocurrency and the Blockchain-related activities but some of the Russian official key figures pay attention to the emerging technologies.

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