SegWit2X and Returns Stolen Assets to Miners

Dear friends, miners, and SegWit2X fork followers, you all remember the news post about the misfortune. It happened at the end of January when 6K of B2X was illegally withdrawn from miners’ accounts.

Our partner, Exchange, let us know about the suspicious activity on the platform. Those were big sums of B2X appearing on some users’ accounts. In the previous news post, we mentioned that and SegWit2X agreed to freeze the suspicious accounts and return the coins to their legal owners.

A couple of days ago we found out that the stolen assets were returned to the miners’ accounts and the subject is finally closed.

We are happy to have such a trustworthy partner and we are eager to make new strategic connections with other Exchanges. Send us a line and find out what are ways of our possible cooperation.

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