The Functionality of the Segwit2X Network Has Been Updated. Introducing Hybrid Mining

The SegWit2X softfork has happened recently on the 528750 block. The newest updates have turned the B2X into a really revolutionary and unique coin. As the result of the softfork, the hybrid mining POW & POS protocols are introduced.

Segwit2X is one of the first to implement hybrid currency mining, and now it is supported both by POW protocol thanks to mining equipment, and POS protocol due to the crypto currency availability on user’s accounts.

By doing so we are getting closer to Satoshi’s ideas – to make Bitkoin available to each and everyone, not just to the owners of enormous computation capacities. The POS/POW blocks ratio is 9:1.  

We would like to ask miners to turn their powers off and get updated to carry out the fork. Exchanges should update the code.

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