CoinGecko is adding SegWit2X support

Analytical service CoinGecko has recently added SegWit2X in the cryptocurrency review list. Platform provides rates, trading volume and other information about the world-now cryptocurrencies. CoinGecko helps users to get relevant information about cryptocurrencies in order to make the right investment choice.


SegWit2X daily trading volume reaches $45.075 USD. Token has already being introduced at popular cryptocurrency platform Coinmarketcap where you can get real-time information.

SegWit2X - Bitcoin fork - was created to solve the existing problems if the world’s first cryptocurrency. Token benefits include:


  • Instant and anonymous transactions;
  • X11 encryption protocol that ensures security of the system and excludes double-spending attacks;
  • Increased block size (4 Mb) and high generation rate (2.5 minutes).

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