Bitcoin Segwit2X: 历史,当代现实和前景

比特币是第一个也是最受欢迎的加密货币。它由Satoshi Nakamoto于10年前所构想,是诚实,去中心化和真正民主的象征。

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Vote for SegWit2x in the Bitcoin Forks Battle!

Greetings everyone! SegWit2x community, get prepared. Our coin is taking part in the very first Bitcoin Forks Battle and we need your support! The Battle is held on p2pb2b exchange, visit the official page of the competition and vote for SegWit2x. The winner gets a free listing on p2pb2b trading platform.

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OpenLedger DEX Exchange Listed B2X

B2X holders have one more option for trading. The coin was recently listed on OpenLedger DEX exchange. OpenLedger is a decentralized financial platform. The core of the system is the exchange called OpenLedger DEX. According to analytical service CoinMarketCap, daily trading volume of the platform exceeds $700.000. The exchange currently provides 83 cryptocurrencies for trading.

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CoinGecko 开始支持 SegWit2X

分析服务CoinGecko将SegWit2X上到加密货币列表中。 该服务提供有关世界加密货币的课程,交易量和其他数据的信息。 CoinGecko旨在帮助用户获得所有必要的信息并选择合适的货币进行投资。

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SegWit2X Adopts the Hybrid Consensus POW & POS

There are two main mechanisms providing the consensus helping to confirm new blocks on a distributed ledger called a Blockchain. These are POW (Proof-of-Work) and POS (Proof-of-Stake).

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The Functionality of the Segwit2X Network Has Been Updated. Introducing Hybrid Mining

The SegWit2X softfork has happened recently on the 528750 block. The newest updates have turned the B2X into a really revolutionary and unique coin. As the result of the softfork, the hybrid mining POW & POS protocols are introduced.

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A SegWit2X Partner - Zumminer Platform, Activates B2X Wallet

We received great news from one of our partners a couple days ago, cryptowallet provider and mining facility – Zumminer.

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SegWit2X and Returns Stolen Assets to Miners

Dear friends, miners, and SegWit2X fork followers, you all remember the news post about the misfortune. It happened at the end of January when 6K of B2X was illegally withdrawn from miners’ accounts.

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由于分叉执行,混合挖掘功能将被添加。 与此同时,SegWit2X团队打算使用POW和POS算法 - 该任务的实施计划将在2月底之前完成 - 同时还将实施Light版本的B2X钱包。

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